You can check on your recent activity and course progress using the Student Dashboard. 

You have access to the following tabs:


This will show you the overview of your learning activity, including recently completed nuggets, an overview of My Courses and My Test Practice, a tracker of active days, as well as a Memory Boost recommendation, personalised for your child by CENTURY'S AI.

Memory Boost nugget: click 'Start' to open this AI recommended nugget.

My Courses: 

The Courses tab gives you more of an in-depth overview of your progress in a specific course. To change the course you are looking at, use the blue highlighted bar under your name. By scrolling down your dashboard, you can identify areas for improvement and areas to stretch yourself. These can be used for independent learning. It can be really helpful to go through this page with your parent or guardian, so they can support you as well.

Test Practice: 

Here you have access to an overview of your progress in your test nuggets. You can toggle between subjects in the same way as in My Courses area. You have a tracker that shows you the nugget name, the date of the last attempt, last completion, last score and best score. You should reguarly check this area to keep on track of your exam preparation and progress.