You can check on your recent activity and course progress using the Student Dashboard. 

Progress is best tracked using the Overview Tab and Subjects Tab.


This will show you an overview of your learning activity, including recently completed nuggets, an overview of My Courses, a tracker of active days and a Focus on recommendation personalised for your child by CENTURY's AI.

Nugget recommendations: click 'start' to open this AI-recommended nugget. 


This will show your performance and activity within each subject. This includes My Study Activity, course progress, Strengths/Areas for Improvements from recently completed nuggets and then AI recommended Stretch and Focus nuggets. 

You can filter between each subject by clicking the drop down arrow. You can also filter study activity by week, month and year. To complete your stretch and focus recommendations, just click directly on the nugget you’d like to work on. 

You will also be able to see your Tracker which will show you all subject activity. This can be filtered to specific topics and further down to nugget type. 

Further information on the Subjects tab can be found here

For Mock Test progress, please see here