My Subjects:

Review your learner's efforts in the Subject tab. See headline stats per subject (which you can click to change) including practices completed and their average last score. 

Note—for users who have been with Bond Online Premium and Premium Plus before June 6th, Legacy courses can be viewed by clicking the subject dropdown. 

Review study activity by seeing a tracker of their study time which can be filtered by time. 

Strengths and Areas for Improvement 

Identify topics where your learner excels and areas where they need more practice. Topics are clickable on the learner side of the platform, allowing your learner to access and complete relevant practice materials directly.

Stretch with and Focus on to Improve. 

Powered by CENTURY’s AI, these nugget recommendations are designed to challenge your learner and provide targeted support to scaffold their learning in specific topics. Click on these recommendations to complete the suggested activities. 

Review your learner's tracker and filter their study activity by Learn, Bond, Bond CEM for Bond Online Premium, and ISEB if subscribed to Bond Online Premium Plus.