Test ready nuggets exist in the Bond Online 11+ Test Practice Area. You can find these at the bottom of the Practice area, or by using the search bar and typing Test ready

They are designed to check your readiness for the test. These are broken down into subjects. Once you have worked through the different levels in a topic, have a go at a test ready nugget.They test all topics in a subject. 

  • Test ready nuggets contain 20 questions. 

  • When you repeat a test ready nugget you will have a new set of questions. 

  • They are a mix of question types including multiple choice or exact answer. 

When you finish a test ready you will receive your 

  • Completion (how many questions you answered)
  • Score

You can choose to Try Again, with new questions or Continue

When you select Continue after a test ready nugget, you are taken to My Courses, where you can practice using learning nuggets.