To cancel your CENTURY subscription you must be logged into your Guardian account. Cancellations cannot be performed from your child's account. 

To cancel your full subscription, go to the right hand side of your settings screen and click cancel subscription

Once you have selected cancel subscription a pop up window will appear asking you why you would like to cancel.  Please select the reason and press cancel subscription.  Your account has now been cancelled.  

You will be able to continue to access your account until the end of the month that you have already paid for.  The date you have access until will be detailed in the pop up box.

You will be sent a confirmation email to confirm the end date of your subscription, at which point your learners will lose access to the platfrom. 

If you have cancelled your account during your subscription period you can restore your account and continue where you left off. To do this click the restore subscription button. 

If in future you wish to restore your account past your subscription end date, you will need to log in to your guardian account and select a new subscription plan, you can find the steps on how to do this by clicking here.


Once issued refunds will take 14 working days to process into your account. If you have contacted us about a refund we will reply to verify the claim and confirm that it has been issued. 

If you have any questions please contact