Guardian Overview

On the Guardian Dashboard, you can see your child’s performance across the courses they study on CENTURY. By clicking on the accelerometer icon in the top left of the page you can view your child's dashboard. If you have more than one child, click the avatar of the child you wish to view. 

Learner Analytics

On this page, you can see an overview of your child's learning activity on CENTURY. 



Time spent on CENTURY

View how much time your child has spent completing work on CENTURY using the Learning Activity chart. This can be time-stamped so you can have a look at how long they have spent on the platform in a particular time period. 

You can also see which days they have accessed the platform and completed work: 


Work completed

You can see the nuggets your child has recently completed on the platform, the date it was completed, time spent and score on that nugget:



You can also see an overview of your child's progress in all of their assigned courses, including how much of the course they have completed, how much time they have spent on the course and their average score on that course so far. 


Finally, the overview tab will suggest a nugget CENTURY thinks will help them improve. Your child has access to this dashboard in their account and can select, start and access this nugget from the bottom right of your overview page.


Under your child’s name, you will be able to see the course dashboard you are currently viewing. You can see how many nuggets they have completed (this does not include repeat attempts of the same nugget) and their average score for the course. To change the course you are viewing, select the dropdown arrow next to the course name, then select from the list of courses your child studies.         


Average Score in Each Nugget

This graph shows each nugget completed by your child in the order they have been studied. If you want to see how your learner has done in a particular nugget, you can hover over one of the blue bars in the graph to find out the nugget name. This will also show you their average score and how many times they have attempted the nugget. 



My Skills

Each question in a nugget assesses a relevant subject skill. The My Skills box allows you to see the performance of your child on different skills areas within the subject.  

My Tracker

This table allows you to view your child's study data for every nugget within a course, allowing you to understand their progress. You can sort the table by:

  •  Date of last attempt - to see what they have completed most recently.

  •  Last completion - to understand if your child is using all the learning material and attempted every question in a nugget.

  • Last score - to understand your child’s most recent score performance. This can be compared to ‘best score’ to see if there has been any change in performance if a nugget has been attempted more than once.      

  •  Best score - to see the highest score your child has ever achieved for a nugget

From the My Tracker table click the nugget name to see more detail on your child’s attempt(s). For each attempt you can view the time spent overall as ‘Active time’, the date and time of the attempt and break down of time spent per question. For each question, you can click on the blue plus button to view the question and answer given by your child. Reviewing the questions that your child struggled with can be a great way to help them understand what to focus on to help them improve their score within a particular nugget.     

Tips on using the time and score data with your child:

  • Low active time & high score -  indicates they are very comfortable with the concept covered in this nugget. You could encourage your child to follow their Recommended Path to complete more nuggets that is likely to move them on to more challenging material.

  • Low active time & low score - this indicates that they have not used the learning material enough or read the questions properly. It would be appropriate to encourage your child to retry this nugget putting in a bit more effort before drawing conclusions on whether the have understood the nugget. 

  • High active time & low score - this indicates they struggled with this nugget. The recommended pathway will adjust for this but you may also want to encourage your child to try this nugget again. You can look at the questions they struggled with and get them to review and make notes from the learning material related to these questions.

  • High active time & high score - indicates they took their time to complete the nugget and this allowed them to perform well. Praise your child for the good study skills they are displaying and encourage them to continue to complete the nuggets in their Recommended Path. 

You may want to encourage your child to use this data as instructions on what to study next on CENTURY.  Your child can access any of the nuggets listed in the table by logging in and going to the My Courses page. They select the course from their course library and search for the nugget they wish to study.          


You can also see a summary of strengths and areas for improvement as well as nuggets they can study to stretch themselves and improve.  

  • My Strengths lists the 5 highest scoring nuggets for your child in the course. 
  • The My Areas for Improvement. Lists the 5 lowest scoring nuggets for your child in the course
  • The Stretch Myself and Focus for Improvement nugget lists are the next steps CENTURY has identified for your child and will be likely to appear in the Recommended Path for your child. 

You may want to encourage your child to use these suggestions as instructions on what to study next on CENTURY.  Your child can access any of the nuggets listed here by logging in and going to the My Courses page. They select the course from their course library and search for the nugget they wish to study.