After you have created your account and selected a plan, you will need to add a learner to your account. This can be done from the guardian/parent homepage by clicking 'assign learner'.

You will then need to click"create new" to create your new learner account. 

1. Add your learner's first and last name

2. Enter your child's date of birth. Their date of birth will help us identify the learner's account if you want us to make changes in the future so that we can differentiate between users with similar names.

3. Then select their gender. 
4. All learners need to have a unique username for CENTURY. It cannot be the same as their school login username. You can also add an email to your learner's account. If your learner forgets their password, they will be able to receive a password reset email to this email account. Please enter their personal email address here and not a school email address, just in case the learner's school ever wants to use CENTURY. This is optional. 

5. Create a password of at least 8 characters.

To add additional users, please click the "+ additional plan" to add another learner and repeat steps 1 - 6 above. 

If you have purchased a Bond Online Premium or Bond Online Premium Plus account, courses will be auto-assigned for you. If you are using CENTURY Core, please click the link below to find out how to assign courses to your learner. 

To update/modify the courses for your child on CENTURY Core, please follow the link here