Bond Online Test Practice Area

Once you have selected your course, eg 11+ English you will need to select a Topic. 

The Topics are on the left hand side. 

  • You can either work through the topics chronologically or select a topic to do with Learning nuggets that you have been practicing in My Pathway. 
  • After selecting a topic you can choose a Test nugget from the Practice area.

  • Work your way through the levels. It is a good idea to begin with the easier Test Practice nuggets first and then to work your way up until you can tackle the more difficult ones.
  • When you have worked your way through the levels, try a checkpoint nugget, to test your understanding of a topic.
  • Finally move onto a Test Ready nugget, built to check your readiness for the real test. These test your knowledge in the whole subject (eg 11+ English)
  • As you move closer towards the exam you should be regularly taking checkpoint and test ready nuggets across all subjects.

Scores in The Test Practice Area will feed into your Pathway, so when you have taken a Test nugget, go back to your pathway to see which  nuggets are recommended next.