Test nuggets are nuggets found in the Test Practice Area.

The test nuggets in the Bond Online 11+ section have been written by Bond. They are broken down into the subjects English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. 

Each Test Practice nugget contains 10 questions. They have been designed as preparation for the 11+ exam. There is no learning material in this section. As you answer the questions you will receive immediate feedback.

There are a mixture of question types in the Bond Test nuggets, including multi-choice, exact answer.

The Test nuggets are levelled from Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. As you work through these levels the difficulty increases.

When you retake a Test nugget the questions will change.

Bond Online Premium Plus Subscription

If you have the Bond Online Premium Plus subscription you will have access to the test nuggets in Bond Online 11+. You will have additional access to test nuggets in the ISEB Common Pre Test section. The content in these test nuggets has been endorsed by ISEB. 

In the ISEB Test Practice area, unlike the Bond Test nuggets, these nuggets do not have levels. Each ISEB Test nugget contains 8 questions. All Test nuggets in the ISEB Test Practice Area are multi-choice questions.